About Us

Welcome to Van Houten Brewing Co.
(say "van-HOW-ten")
We are a family-owned and operated brewery-in-planning based in San Anselmo, California. Our beers celebrate the best of Northern California craft beer with an eye towards history and tradition.  We like balanced, malt-forward British Ales, California Commons, and Dutch and Belgian styles. 
Founders Johnny and Creek Van Houten live in Marin County, California. 
Johnny Van Houten, Brewer
Johnny started brewing beer with his father Tom more than 10 years ago in his garage. In an attempt to clone their favorite hard-to-find limited-edition import beer, Johnny and his dad discovered their mutual love of brewing and started creating their own recipes. Johnny graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in literature and journalism. He worked at several Marin breweries and at Brewcraft in San Francisco before deciding to launch his own venture. When not brewing beer, Johnny picks away at his banjo and spends time in his garden.
Creek Van Houten, CEO
A native of the bay area with roots in Holland, Creek's background is in history and marketing with experience in organic farming and management consulting. After receiving her MBA in the Netherlands, Creek returned to California to start Compass Rose Design, a handmade vintage jewelry company on display in galleries from California to Italy. Her commitment to local, delicious and historical aspects of life are an important part of the Van Houten Brewing Company experience. Creek will direct events, marketing and administration of daily operations at the brewery. 
Van Houten Brewing Co. has been a member of the Brewers Association since 2010.
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