Our Beers

Van Houten Brewing Company specializes in traditional beers made with whole ingredients. Our malt-forward beers pair well with the bounty of local California foods.
There is a word in Dutch that is tough to translate, but it's at the center of our brewing philosophy. Gezellig - roughly pronounced "He-SELL-ick." Gezellig is a Dutch word, perhaps best translated as a coziness incorporating all the senses: the invitation of a comfortable place, the togetherness of being with good friends PLUS something delicious to eat and drink - enjoyed with slow, conversational ease. 

Current Beer Styles in the Rotation

California Common - 6% ABV

British Bitter - 4.5% ABV

Dutch Poorter - 5.4% ABV

Belgian Abbey-Style - 8.9% ABV

California Red Ale - 4% ABV

Dark English Ale - 6% ABV

Belgian Wit – 4% ABV

* please keep in mind our beers are not yet available for sale. 

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