Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hops in the Garden

Now that we finally have access to some dirt after a long hiatus in Amsterdam and San Francisco, we are SO pleased to havea garden, which of course includes hops. We got Cascade and Hallertauer rhizomes from the Thyme Garden Herb Company. Johnny's dad, Tom, has grown Cascade and a few other varieties with great success down south of us in Morgan Hill. He had pretty limited growth the first year while the root systems got established followed by superb growth subsequent years. We'll hope that's the same case for us....

Let's just say that the Cascade hops are thriving, even under the plum trees that have turned their open sun into dappled light.

The leaves are impressively large.

Hallertauer - not so much.....

At this point, even as novelty hops, we love them.

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