Thursday, July 22, 2010

Van Houten Brewing Co., Inc.

So, while the brewing and recipe refining continues, we got a bit tangled up in finding a place to brew and filing the incorporation papers. We are of course trying to avoid renting full warehouse space and are interested in contract breweries and restaurants. We thought there might be a chance to do Phase 1 brewing in our garage workspace but the differing city and county regulations mean we are in search of the next option. We're pretty excited to pair up with a few local restaurants and brew for them, but we'll need to be a legal entity to approach anyone. So - we found ourselves a super cool lawyer to help move along the process and we are deciding to get registered!!!! After some research, we've decided to go with an "S" Corp formation - we get the tax and liability protection without the added complication. LLCs seem to make more sense with more parties involved, but both accomplish the same goals.

We're a one horse show with plans to stay that way - so we prefer to keep it simple and like the "S" Corp. Maybe we'll add some sideshows or paint the pony eventually, but we'll never offer it to shareholders. We'll keep our beer horse show close to our hearts.

Most of our colleagues are LLCs, but Kern River Brewing Company is an "S" Corp too, so it seems we are not alone :)

Van Houten Brewing Co., Inc. here we come.

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