Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Metal Spinning, Chinchillas, and the Beer Infochart

First - a quick brewing update:

It is a joy for Johnny to have the pilot equipment up and running. The machining is truly beautiful, and I have a soft spot for the metal spinning involved, probably because my dad spins metal chinchilla exercise wheels, yeah, you heard me...

Metal Spinning, which is basically the equivalent of working with metal on a potters wheel, is useful for making fancy cookware, fermenter tops, rocket cones, and rodent exercise equipment. Check out my dad's website and the Flying Saucer Chinchilla Exercise Wheel site - which includes a video of the wheel in action.

Many of us have seen the awesome Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names from the intensely clever folks at Pop Chart Lab. Now beer geeks can appreciate the Many Varieties of Beer poster. Created by Brooklyn-based kickass designer Ben Gibson and book editor Patrick Mulligan. Gibson's work is quite spectacular.

You can get it for yerself at their website.

They also just came out with a t-shirt version, also at their site.

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