Thursday, February 10, 2011

Van Houten Brewing Co's First Public Pour

During to a few fortunate run-ins with Richard of Elizabeth Street Brewery at City Beer and Mill Valley Beer Works, we were invited to pour at his annual Super Bowl party. We felt honored to pour alongside Elizabeth Street Brewery and Pacific Brewing Laboratory.

Johnny brought his Northern English Brown Ale and his California Common and folks seemed to really enjoy. It is good to get good feedback from lots of people you don't know. Our banner also got its first use, and a christening of beer spills from happy homebrew drinkers.

The people who have gathered around the phenomenon that is Elizabeth Street Brewing is amazing. Neighbors who donated chairs for the day. Friendly strangers who read about Richard on the internet or twitter. Old friends and colleagues from the beer world and every sort of connection. The folks at Smoke BBQ SF donated ribs, and the potluck delicacies were nearly endless.

And the place is amazing. Richard's clever wife Alyson set up a "While you were out" home installation reality tv show extravaganza a few years back and they came and set up a mini home pub - the home brewers dream.

Alyson made this beer bottle mosaic window, which is awesome.

It was definitely a highlight of the year for us - but we suspect the SF Beerweek Nanobrewery Festival at the Social Kitchen will also be pretty fabulous. Hope to see folks on Sunday at the Social Kitchen.

Breweries of Tomorrow Nanobrewery Festival

February 13 from 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

at the Social Kitchen and Brewery, 1326 9th Ave. San Francisco, CA 94122

Admission: $15 for keepsake glass, 2 SKB drafts, and lots of nanobrews. SKB's food will be available for purchase, too, should you get munchy. (more info)

Join SKB and to try the beers of and toast the brewers looking to quit their day jobs, such as Elizabeth St. Brewery, Van Houten Brewing Co., Local Brewing Co., Pacific Brew Labs, Bosworth Brewery, Beltane Brewing, Petaluma Hills, 510 Brewing, and others.

Thanks to Brians of and and our friends at Social Kitchen & Brewery for their work!

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