Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Taste of Van Houten

My big dreams of blogging about how profound the Craft Brewers Conference was for us and all the amazing conversations we had with our new and old friends... Let's just say for now that it was life affirming. The work of making whole beer and weaving community feels important, historical, and borders on the mystic.

The conference opening night was at the Academy of Sciences where we drank with the fishes and it was glorious. Someone got a nice photo of me (Creek) and Johnny with our friend, Brian from

Well, that energy got diverted into planning our June 2011 West Coast Brewery tour (more later) and getting ready for our May 14th tasting event - our own homage to American Craft Beer Week. Space is limited, but anyone in the Bay Area can email us to see if there is space left at vanhoutenbrewing(at)gmail(dot)com

We'll have 5 of Johnny's homebrews on tap at the tasting: California Common, Northern English Brown, Belgian Golden, Belgian Dubbel and American Amber Ale. The garden is looking beautiful and it's time to celebrate spring.

But first things first -
I just finished the coaster design, and approved the proof for our first run.

See you May 14th!

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