Monday, March 5, 2012

SF Beer Week Small Batch / Big Thirst Event in Review

We had an excellent time at the SF Beer Week Small Batch Big Thirst event. In addition to some well known local craft breweries, there was a great turn-out of nanobreweries taking part in an AHA competition. This year, eleven home brewers offered tastings of 40 beers and eight licensed brewers had 12 beers to share.

The Crowd was great - people enjoyed the beer and judging the competition. We entered a peach porter, which was both our first fruit beer (we swore we'd never do it) and a great success. Several people asked where they could pick up a six-pack. It was a great exercise in having a set policy and then changing it when it makes sense to do something different.

Lots of old friends, including Regan and Sarah from Local Brewing Co.

New faces on the scene, husband and wife team JB and Rachel Zorn, of Zorn Brewing out of Monterey. I really enjoyed their Hefeweizen.

We're always impressed by the beer and the people at Bosworth Brewery, we adore them.

Brian, of Pacific Brewing Laboratories, now a licensed professional brewing operation.

Inside the Brewtruc - cozy and luxurious.

 And so we continue on our journey to being a licensed brewery, one day at a time.

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